Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Numbers, numbers numbers!

I have lots of level 1 contacts but never link with anyone unless I have met them or, as a minimum, had a telephone conversation. And, that call has to leave me thinking, “We have not yet formally met, but they seem okay.”
Because of my LinkedIn and face-to-face seminars I meet hundreds of people, a number of whom request me to connect. This means I have nearly 2000 level 1 contacts. LinkedIn’s definition of a level 1 connection is ‘Your trusted friends and colleagues.’ I can hardly say all these people are trusted in the true sense of the word but if they invited me I can only assume they are happy to allow me to view their network.
With so many level 1’s this results in over 300,000 level 2’s. These are gold dust. They are the ones, we hope, who can be  introduced to me by my level 1 connections. What a big crowd of ‘warm’ prospects.

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